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In 1915, San Francisco played host to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.  This event drew so much attention around the world that the following year the California State Fair added a cultural component to the program.

Japan, China and Sweden were among the first countries to provide international exhibits.  Since then, the State Fair has embraced competitions, exhibits, and special days that foster a deeper understanding of ethnic heritages and cultural diversity.

Beginning in May 2003, the California Exposition & State Fair will be served by a "Cultural Advisory Council" comprised of multi-ethnic advisors who assist the Board of Directors year-round on matters pertaining to cultural programming.   These volunteer advisors are charged with the responsibility of making suggestions that further the agency’s commitment to be reflective of California’s cultural diversity.

All throughout the 18 day Fair, visitors will enjoy a wide range of exhibits, entertainment and food that mirror the cultural richness of the State.

Application - Press Release 8-01-2003


Our mission is to promote public awareness and support with the community for the California Exposition & State Fair.  As a charitable nonprofit volunteer organization, we serve as people-oriented ambassadors for the California State Fair.

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  • Concerts

  • Horse Racing

  • Special Events

  • State Fair Gala

  • California Grape & Gourmet

  • New Friends

It all equals Big Fun!

Become a member of Friends of the California State Fair


How would you like to meet outgoing, fun-loving people, volunteer for interesting activities year-round and help support the biggest entertainment venue in Northern California? 

In the spring and fall, you may participate in Cal Expo’s award-winning Demonstration Farm program, helping young people learn more about agriculture.  Throughout the year, you may be invited to work in various capacities in the Administration Building.  We help manage and raise funds for the prestigious California State Fair Scholarship Program. 

You will meet some of the friendliest, interesting people in Northern California.  Our annual Picnic and Christmas Party are always fun.  And being part of the Grape & Gourmet or the elegant State Fair Gala are the social highlights of our year.  Our newsletter, The Golden Showcase, contains features and articles and information on all our activities. 

We would love to have you join the team! Our distinctive and colorful shirts are recognized and respected all over the Fairgrounds, and our role continues to grow. 

Annual dues are $15 per person, January through December.  This includes your initial shirt, a subscription to the newsletter, and an opportunity to have fun while serving one of the greatest fairs in North America! 

Please submit a completed application form with your check written to the Friends of the California State Fair. 

Thank you - We’ll see you at the Fair!


Youth play an important role at the California State Fair as evidenced by the Junior Task Force.  Through this organization, interested youth are given an opportunity to provide volunteer assistance prior to and during the Fair.

Hard working 4-H, FFA, Grange and independent students, 14 years of age by January 1, 2003, are invited to participate.  Junior Task Force duties may include assisting judges; exhibit check in/out, clerking and coordinating demonstrations and judging programs.  Youth volunteers work in the areas of livestock (beef, sheep, swine, rabbits, cavies) or still exhibits (robots, chocolate passion, metalworking, graphic arts/photography.)

The Junior Task Force is a fun way to participate in the California State Fair and volunteerism is an important part of any resume or scholarship application.  Each Task Force member receives a certificate of participation and is invited to a special social. The Golden Bear Youth Council recognizes exceptional participation in the Junior Task Force.

To become a member of the Junior Task Force, students must submit a completed application form by June 15. For more information about the Junior Task Force contact Cottie Johnson (Program Coordinator).


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